Sunday, August 16, 2009

have a look at this!

take alittle look at these amazing cheeseburger cupcakes on flickr!!! so much fun :-))

Monday, August 3, 2009

University Heights Arts Open

So if you all remember my post from about a month ago regarding the Food themed Arts open, i just wanted to update you all about it. We were included in the University Heights newspaper with a small picture of one of the entries labeled "International Moleskine Exchange" and the website link is where the show our moleskine at the top right corner of the artists section. quite exciting! It will be in San Diego, California so if you are in the area or close to it September 4th you should come down! 
the second thing i wanted to clear up is the book situation. I currently have Clarks, lynns, and Michaels books.  ive held on to all 3 because i will be displaying them in the arts open if thats ok with their owners. but if you would like your books to continue on, please let me know and i will put them back into rotation! or if you would like me to send them on and then just get them back before the 4th that is ok too. either way, whatever books i had on display, i would get in the mail as soon as the exhibit is finished. so if you guys have any ideas or requests, please let me know!!

also, the foodies exhibit had postcards made regarding the exhibit so i might be asking for all of your addresses to send you one!


Just to let everyone know I have recieved Morissa's and Jennifer's book from Calvin today. Unfortunetly it looks like he wasn't able to complete and entry on them. I will get them done asap and off to Morissa