Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Molyx57 Team

Dear Molyx57 Team!

Hope you are having a lovely summer so far or winter depending on where you are ^_^.
My name is Tania and I am the moderator assigned to groups MOlYX51 through MOlYX60. I am here to basically assist all of you in any way I can to keep your group together, evolving, creating and hopefully finishing up all the wonderful books that are floating around between each others hands, inclusive of nudging anyone along who falls behind and anything else in between.
~A little bit about me I am an artist residing in NYC, I am in a few of the MOLYgroups here is my link as an introduction to who I am:
In the meantime I hope to hear from all of you at some point, you now have my email address, and if there is anything pressing I should be aware of in the meantime, do get in touch with me. ^_^

On a Sunday Afternoon,



Lynne said...

Hi Tania, we are all finished in this group thank you..... all our books have got home and we are all done :-)

inknjoy said...

Thanks Lynne,

Glad to hear, This helps a lot in keeping all groups tidy and organized. ^_^

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