Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My new entry ... Lamp (instead of Lamb)

Finally I have finished my entry in Donna's nice molyskine and
it's on the way to Michael today~

When I just resize the pictures and upload them in Flickr, I
just find out that I have made a big typo mistake, OH MY
GOD!! Hey Michael (or anyone else :p), I need your help to
find my lose-way lamb (instead of lamp) back ;)

Let's back to the dish~


Ingredients: (serving size: 6-8)
- Racks of lamb (2 portions, use string to tie together as a crown)

Rubbed Spices:
- Fennel seeds (2 tablespoons)
- Coriander seeds (1/2 tablespoon)
- Black peppercorn (1 teaspoon)
- White peppercorn (1/2 tablespoon)
- Green peppercorn (1 teaspoon)
- Freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
- Mustard seeds (1 teaspoon)

1. Bruise the rub ingredients well in a mortar till they turn into powder form.
2. Rub the lamb rack with the rubbed spices, allow marinating overnight in
the fridge. Remove from the fridge and let it stand for 15 minutes before cooking.
3. Preheat oven to 220'c. Sear the lamb rack on all sides till golden brown using
a pan or a blowtorch.
4. Roast for 30 minutes and let it rest for 15 minutes before craving. You must
let it rest to allow the meat to remain juicy.

Enjoy ~


Lynne said...

Yumeeeee............you put banquets in your molys :-)
I wonder if anyone will do a plain green salad :-)

Donna said...

YUM!! Calvin, don't worry about the spelling. P is b doing acrobatics. LOL! I love it as it is. :) Thanks.

Cavidanny said...

Hey Lynne, salad is also a good idea, I love drawing veg. a lot too ^^ Let me try salad next time when I find a good receipe ~

Donna thanks a lot, you are so nice ^^ Oh yeah, P is doing acrobatics, and it does too well this time :p