Thursday, February 26, 2009


OK, if we stick to the rotation that we have set up in the side bar and just see how it goes for the moment. Donna, I understand what you are saying , and if you feel easy about posting your book to take into account  the time it takes to reach Calvin, then do it, it sounds like a great solution :-)

I will put my book into the post to Donna today, and the rest of you, post to who you posted to last time :-) great! more molys on the move, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my next one
This all sounds so bossy and rigid, but to date I have 4 books missing in action, and 3 groups that are finished because of people not returning/holding on to books...............I'm not sure why this happens, so I hope it doesn't happen in this one. 


Donna said...

Ok. we will stick with original rotation.

I will mail my book to Calvin tomorrow, so I guess by the time he finish the first one, another one will be on its way to him.

can't wait to receive new package from Lynne.

FYI: I removed the chart I posted before to avoid any more confusion. :-)

Lynne said...

Thanks Donna :-)

I hope everyone has posted their books off now, and I shall look forward to the postman bringing some nice post :-)

Cavidanny said...

Thanks your moly Donna, I received it very well last week :)

It has been quite busy recently for I have a short biz trip oversea and need to move a new house and preparing for a new job :p Anyway, I hope my progress on moly_x_57 will not be too slow and hope all my lovely members continue to enjoy the arts we all contribute to food here ~

Thanks Lynne you reminder in Flickr and I will finished my art on Donna's one and get it posted to Michael straight off this week ^^

Lynne said...

Hi, Sachiko the moly you sent has arrived :-)
Has everyone else (except cavidanny :-) ) sent theirs off?

Donna said...

YEY! I received Sachikos moly from Lynne today.

Michael Nightmare said...

I will mail out Monday as I am hoping to finish a few more this weekend from other groups so that I can make only one trip. And my mail buddy is not far away so it wont take long.