Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I receved Lynn's book

Hi, I today received Lynn's book from Jennifer. I was thinking this round was the last round and we were all gonna send a book to original person? Maybe my understanding was wrong? So I've now finished Donna's book and who should I send it to? To Lynn as I have been doing?


Anonymous said...

I guess that's up to Lynne. :)

I also sent your book back to you today Sachiko. Enjoy!

Lynne said...

Have you already made an entry in my book sachiko? If not then it would be lovely if you could do a few pages and then my book will have done a complete round......everyone will have worked in it..... and yes please send Donnas book on to me, then I will have worked in everyones book ;-)

Donna said...

Sachiko I hope you can post pictures of what you drew in my book, I'd love to see in advance. and please do send my book to Lynne. thanks.

I emailed Calvin if his mailing address is still valid but didn't get any response. Anyway I'll just mail his book back to the last address that I have from him, and send it on its way this weekend.

have a nice day everyone!

Colourful Rabbit said...

Lynne, so I'll do some illutration on yours and send it to you with Donna's within this week.

Lynne said...

Thank you ! I look forward to seeing your lovely work in my book! :-))