Friday, September 11, 2009


I just received Sachiko and Lynne's books from Morissa. I think if I contribute to Sachiko's I mail it back to her. Does that mean we have completed one round? Will we continue until the books are full or will we just stop there?



Michael Nightmare said...

Just to let everyone know I do have two books I posted about that before I have yet to work on them but I hit a wall and have had no inspiration to do any art but I am ready to get started and im starting to look for recipes.

Colourful Rabbit said...

Hi I've got Donna's book here. I haven't worked on yet but have been a bit away from art, working busily. I'll try to find some time to work on this book!

Lynne said...

Did you make an entry in my book Morissa....can you put pics up if you did?
Who has Cavidannys.....are we going to carry on with it or is it going to be posted back to him?

Donna said...

Hi everyone,

I have cavidannys book and have already made my entry but haven't had time to take some photos to upload yet, once i do, i will be sending the book back home to calvin.

This will be my last food entry as well, as I feel I am already happy having finished 7 food drawings, as of now. Thank you everyone for a fun fun time exchanging drawings with you all and I will be looking forward for my books return after Lynnes entry. Cheers everyone!

Lynne said...

who wants to continue with more entries until our books are full? Or shall we call a halt once everone has made an entry in each book?

Morissa said...

I think that my last entry will be the last for me. I have become very busy with classes ect. cant wait to see mine!