Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lobster Linguine drawing is done!

Finally my moly is done and the dish is called "Lobster
Linguine with Fresh Squid Ink Sauce". This time I get the
point how to make more color contrast in moleskine
(compare to my last drawing in Moly_x_41 :p).

I will try to complete the cover page and send out this
weekend. Can anyone tell me what is the rotation cycle
or who will be the one going to receive my book?


Michael Nightmare said...

We have decided to wait for everyone to finish and then mail them all out at once.

Cavidanny said...

I get the point then, thanks Michael~

Lynne said...

yum yum.....I think we will soon have lift off....we just have hear from Nan I think......

Lynne said... you have a recipe for this?

Donna said...

yum! cant wait for the recipe.

Cavidanny said...

Hi Lynne and Donna, oops I have the receipt but I leave it somewhere else .. let me get it back and share online tonite~