Saturday, January 3, 2009

my update

Well I have started my food moly. Below is the start to my background. I will have it done next Monday or Tues. at the latest. I hope everyone had some great food to inspire you for our exchange! and a start to a great new year.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Looks like a fun background. I'll be curious to see what you add to it. I hope to get mine finished up next week as well.

Cavidanny said...

Wow, I like this background pattern, it's composed with lots of happy colors~ I can't wait to see your drawing on it ;)

I am going to start the draft this week after finished one more drawing for moly_x_41.

Wish you a happy new year too !!

Donna said...

Nice! I wonder what you'll be cooking in your moleskine kitchen.

I also have made some progress and will post photo soon of my entry for food moly_x.