Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mail order map

Here is a map of everyones locations (more or less) I tried to get as close as possible.
Lynne, Calvin (in Hong Kong) is already mailing out to me so that may make sense for him to do it in this group as well it may save him some postage to mail more than one to me at a time. Just a thought. I dont have any preference for the mail order I will mail out to who ever.

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Anonymous said...

How about:

Calvin -> Michael
Michael -> Morissa
Morissa -> Jenn
Jenn -> Sachiko
Sachiko -> Lynne
Lynne -> Donna
Donna -> Calvin

Michael Nightmare said...

sounds good to me..how about everyone else?

Morissa said...

flawless! lets get this goin'! should we email the people we are sending to for their addresses?

Lynne said...

ok ....flickr mail people for their addresses and lets get posting....this is so great that we are all ready to start I really have my fingers crossed that this group will 'flow' a little better than some of the other groups.

but....I still think that we should not think of this rotation as carved in stone, I want everyone to work in my book, but if someone finds that they are inundated with work, or sickness or just creatively 'numb' then we must agree to post it on to the next person and then get the book at a later point.......lets be flexible and not hold on to those books...please....

Lynne said...

Oh I forgot to say thank you so much Michael!.....I tried to do it myself but have found it kept adding everyone to previous maps.......
Jen I think thats a great order :-) I have emailed my addy to Sachiko, and asked Donna for hers :-)

Donna said...

Ok, I've sent my info to Lynne and have asked Calvin for his.

Everyone, please make sure our addresses remain only in the group, and when posting photos of packages we received, make sure the addresses are not visible. thanks. :-)

Lynne said...

thanks Donna, its in its envelope and ready to post in the morning :-)

Cavidanny said...

The rotation sounds great and I am too exciting to hear that everybody will be receiving the book from the another person and add in our own entries~

Hi Michael, thanks for your arrangement and I will send you the book this weekend after the cover page is done. The one you will be receiving a bit earlier is for group #41 ~~

Hi Donna, nice to meet you and I just leave details in Flickr reply :)